Our consultants and partners are specialized in recruiting top professionals, managers, technical talents and executives for the industrial environment;

Due to our experience in the field, we have an excellent contact network and strong recruitment and selection abilities in order to find the top performers adequate to various organizational cultures.

Knowing the dynamic of the market and the importance of efficiency in any business, we build, together with our clients, transparent relationships, based on honest and on-time feedback, flexibility and integrity during the entire project.

How do we approach the recruitment process?

1. Calibration of the Project

  • This stage is vital for the efficiency of the results, by building an adequate recruitment strategy.
  • How did the job appear in the undertaking?
  • Which is the offered compensation and benefit package? (Salary benchmarking)
  • Which are the values and the organizational culture? (Focus on the organizational structure, processes and strategy of the company)
  • Which is the optimal recruitment method? (Anonymous, headhunting, internal candidates, visible branding)

2. Calibration of the Profile

  • Definition of competences and abilities
  • Preparation of the recruitment announcement
  • Establishment of tests (psychological, linguistic etc.) that the candidates selected for the project must take

3. Identification of Talents

  • Publishing of the announcement and activation of the database relevant for the project
  • Selection of CVs
  • Interviews with the relevant candidates
  • Presentation of the shortlist and submission of feedback to the rejected candidates from the shortlist
  • Final selection

4. Follow Up

  • Verification of references and mediation of the employment contract between parties
  • Following the integration of the candidate (in the narrow team and in the undertaking)
  • Feedback of the candidate and of the client after employment

We do personalized training sessions for our partners, built and delivered based on open and relaxed discussions about the organizational needs and aspirations.

Our training programs cover:

  • Soft-skills development area
  • Human resource processes (recruitment and selection techniques, social management)
  • Organizational analysis and diagnosis

The access systems may be, at request, open or in-house.

Our experience in the field allows us to conceive designs of projects for organizational development, ensuring ulterior the implementation for:

  • on-site management
  • assessment and development centers
  • talent procurement and management
  • corporate communication
  • training programs for the operators from production and/or projects dedicated to the social climate (satisfaction surveys, counseling and compensation and benefit programs for employees)
  • managerial development

Depending on the requirements and the ampleness of the project, we ca designate a full/part time consultant at the headquarter of the client.

The Internet registers a record number of accesses on the tips&tricks pages for preparing for interviews, but how efficient are these advices in the recruitment process?

At RIAN&Partners, you are welcomed with care by consultants dedicated for your counseling and guidance on your career, either if you are at the beginning (Fresh Graduate) or you want a change in your professional life (Junior or Senior Professional).

For us, the candidate is not just a name in a database, that is the reason why the relationships with him/her are based on trust and confidentiality, and the consultancy session is personalized depending on the relevant professional experience, personal history of participation at employment interviews, professional target etc.

“We are an acorn, which holds on the inside the entire potential to be a magnificent oak tree. We need aliments, encouragement and light to grow further, but the oak tree is already on the inside.” – John Whitmore

As professionals accredited in coaching, we add value to the internal human resources processes.

Find here a few of the most important areas from the life of a company, where we can successfully apply coaching techniques.

  • Growth of the motivation and performance of the employees;
  • Support of employees promoted to a responsible position;
  • Harmonization of interpersonal and interdepartment relationships;
  • Assimilation of flexibility and adaptability to change;
  • Change of the organizational culture.

Starting from the premise that what determines the professional performance of the employees are those inner resorts that the financial motivation cannot achieve, we can tailor specific programs, dedicated both to teams and to business managers.