Main responsibilities:

  • Ensures the management, maintenance, and supervision of equipment for transporting materials horizontally and vertically;
  • Ensures the performance of lifting / moving actions during the production process according to the program;
  • Ensures the execution of repairs and remediation of equipment defects during the production process;
  • Ensures the completion and delivery of all documents according to the regulations, attributions and dispositions received;
  • Prepares and checks the machine for proper operation;
  • Establishes the necessary, supplies the workplace, and maintains the stock of spare parts;
  • Places and holds the machine in the optimal position in order to perform the required actions;
  • Checks the correctness of the execution of the repair works by reaching the nominal or admissible values ​​of the parameters in the operation of the machine;
  • Identifies the hazards during the activity and reports them to the person designated by the workplace procedure;
  • Responsible for the immediate information of the responsible persons regarding any defect in the operation of the equipment;
  • Responsible for the follows up of the general working procedures specific to the company.


  • Salary: 2800 RON gross;
  • Attendance bonus: 200 RON gross;
  • 5-year anniversary bonus: 1000 RON;
  • 25% increase at night;
  • Overtime payment 175%;
  • Meal tickets: 20 RON per day;
  • Annual bonus (Holiday, Christmas, Easter);
  • Free transport.